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"Ado" is the ending for forming the past participle of "ar" verbs. The ending for "er" and "ir" verbs is "ido". Examples: hablar - hablado. pedir - pedido. haber - habido.

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Q: What does form ado mean in Spanish?
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What does estoy cons-ado mean?

estoy cansado means "i am tired" in spanish

What is a verb that ends in -ado or -ido called?

A verb that ends in -ado or -ido is called a past participle in Spanish. It is a verb form that is often used to form the perfect tenses and passive voice in the language.

What does cado mean in incommunicado?

In Spanish, the ending -ado or -ido indicates that the word is an adjective. a breakdown of this word would be: "in" = not "communic" = communicated "ado" = adjective so a message that is "incommunicado" is an uncommunicated message.

What does ado mean in french?

'un ado' is 'a teen' in French. 'Ado' is a short for 'un adolescent' (teenager).

Who does ado like in vampire knight?

Well ado how will I know I mean it is your opinion.

Does ado mean brother?

No, ado means bustling excitement, fuss, or trouble. Expl: She left the room without further ado. Or Without further ado, he grabbed the microphone and began to sing.

How do you say well trained in Spanish?

bien preparado/educado/ensen~ado

What does the name ado mean?

aditity definition observe

What does silverado mean?

Actually, I want to rephrase this question. What is the meaning of the "ado" suffix? Does it mean something in Spanish? There are several locations that seem to have this ending. Colorado -- means colored red. Eldorado -- City of gold. Silverado -- I can guess, but the pattern doesn't seem to fit. I would think that Colorado could be broken into two parts "color" and "ado". The most likely meaning of those two respective parts is "color" and "red". Which would make "eldor" + "ado" = gold + red. And likewise, "silver" + "ado" = silver + red. The other theory would be that "color" = red and "ado" = colored. I think this is unlikely, but this pattern logic kinda fits. Then "eldor" + "ado" = gold colored (if eldor actually means gold) and "silver" + "ado" = silver colored. I hope this makes sense. Thanks for any help. __________________________________________ Just improvind the answer: The suffix "ado" in Spanish is the same of "ed" in English. in the past participle of "to colo" "colored", in spanish the past participle of "color" is "Colorado" "dorar" means "to gild"; "dorado" means "gilded" "El" means "The" => "El dorado" means "the gilded" "Silverado" is a 2 languages mixed word that resembles "El dorado", refering to the ore of silver instead of gold. The spanish word to cover of silver is "Plateado"

What does the spanish word fea mean?

Fea is the feminine singular form of the Spanish word for ugly

What does rosada mean in spanish?

That is the feminine form of the color "pink".

What does preparamos mean in spanish?

"to prepare" in the nosotros form (we prepare)