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Gintama basically means silver soul.

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Q: What does gintama mean in English?
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What are all the gintama character names?

There are more than 200 characters in the Gintama manga/anime series, and the figure is still growing. There are a number of Gintama wikis out in the Internet. Use the search engine to search the key words "gintama" or "gintama wiki".

Is GinTama a person or a series?

GinTama (or Gintama) is a Japanese manga series created by Sorachi Hideaki. It has also been adapted into an anime TV-series and an animated movie. The main character is often confused for being named Gintama, when his full name is in fact Sakata Gintoki.

Is Gintama for the DS in US?


Gintama in English dub?

as of yet, No and no news or anything suggesting it will get dubbed either. However, Gintama the Movie is actually dubbed, and it is the closest thing you got to any dubbing of Gintama. You can find it on Amazon or maybe Google around for itFrom my perspective, 100% no! because it uses too much japanese word that mean different tjing for example, kami in english means hair, or god. So it gets to complicated to be translated, and some words that are spelled the same but different meaning are sometime used to make the anime funny so it's 100% impossible, unless they leave that part of the joke seubbed, but's it's going to be weird.

What are some animes like GinTama you needed to be super random i have already seen a lot of those poplaur anime like excal saga it was ok but GinTama is ramdomer than it so give me something ramdon?

If u like gintama. try watching Sket Dance. :D it is very similar to Gintama. the jokes,humors etc.. and some gintama voice actors/actresses are there too..

Who will be the voice of gintoki in GinTama?

Tomokazu Sugita.

How many Gintama mangavolumes are there?

38 volumes.

When is Kamui introduced in Gintama?

Kamui was introduced in Episode 140 (The Blaze of Yoshiwara First Chapter) of the anime series of Gintama, together with his followers Ungyou and Abuto.

Is GinTama going to carry on or has it ended?

Gintama will not end, at least for another tenth of years. Maybe in anime they said that its the last episode and last for the last. But worry not, for it was just a troll.. ; )

What are the ratings and certificates for Gekijouban GinTama Shin'yaku benizakura hen - 2010?

Gekijouban Gintama Shin'yaku benizakura hen - 2010 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:MA15+ Japan:G Singapore:NC-16

Will Gintama anime ever come to America?

Its already in America.

When was ayame introduced in gintama?

In the anime, it should be episode 22.