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When an author writes something that brings up (or alludes to) something in history. They could mention it or set up a scenario that's nearly the same as the historical event or time.

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Q: What does historical allusion mean?
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What is a historical allusion?

A historical allusion is a reference, usually in literature, to actual events of the past. For example, the popular movie Forrest Gump made several historical allusions to events such as the Vietnam war.

Allusion what are the 4 kinds of allusion?

Historical allusion – references to historical events or figures. Literary allusion – references to works of literature or authors. Mythological allusion – references to myths or mythological figures. Biblical allusion – references to events, characters, or themes from the Bible.

Example of historical allusion?

an historical allusion can be boycott or a person or his or her saying that is used today as an example

What is a referenc to something historical or popular called?

An allusion

What does literary terms allusion mean?

Define the literary term allusion

How are words brought into English by allusion?

They are added from historical or popular names.

What is an example of historical allusion?

the final soccer match was lily's waterloo.

What are Allusion examples in famous poetry?

n An allusion is a brief, intentional reference to a historical, mythic, or literary person, place, event, or movement.

What type of allusion is the word bobby?

Historical. Reffering to old british police.

What does allusion mean in literature?

Allusion in literature refers to a brief and indirect reference to a person, place, thing, or idea of historical, cultural, literary or political significance. It allows writers to add layers of complexity to their work by connecting their words with wider contexts and themes that readers may be familiar with.

What is the historical allusion in the minds treasure chest?

The historical allusion in the phrase "the mind's treasure chest" likely refers to the idea of a repository or storage place for valuable thoughts and information. It suggests that the mind holds a wealth of knowledge or memories that are precious and worth preserving.

What does religious allusion mean?

An allusion is reference within a literary work to a famous, historical, or biblical person or event that is outside of that literary work. The reference can often be indirect and is usually used to explain or clarify something in the text. Some examples are "My next door neighbour has Scrooge Syndrome." (allusion to Ebeneezer Scrooge of the book "A Christmas Carol"). "He can make his own lunch. He's a grown man. Don't indulge his Peter Pan complex." (allusion to Peter Pan).