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Q: What does oooh Rah mean when used after simper fiidelis?
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Use simper in a sentence?

A simper is a silly or self conscious smile: The young lady could only simper when the you man that she favored gave her a flower. An anonymous person used the word "simper" in a sentence today.

How do you spell simper?

That is the spelling of the rarely-used verb to simper(to smile or speak in a coy way). But the likely word here is the adjective "simpler" (easier).*The Latin word similarly spelled is semper, meaning always.)

Who masted sailing ship used for fast ocean shipping?

Oooh I am Amazed

Is the endoplasmic reticulum the brain of a cell?

oooh no no no - not unless you are used to thinking with your penis. ER is just a means to an end - the brains behind the cell (if you can put it that way) is the nucleus.

Why are flowers used in weddings?

oooh i learned this in school the brides used them a loooong time ago to hide there odor because back then they only took showers/baths one time a month i know gross!!

What was the pick up line that the little old guy from Tangled used on the evil fake mother?

Oooh someone go get me a glass..cause i just found me a tall glass of waater !

What is an ididom?

It seems like there may be a typo in your question. Did you mean to ask about "idiom," which refers to a phrase or expression that has a meaning different from the literal interpretation of the words used?

What is the hair straightner used for?

Oooh, let me guess.Hair - pertaining to follicles on the head.Straight - Not crooked or bent; having a constant direction throughout its lengthMaybe - it's a shot in the dark, but maybe for straighting hair? Just a guess!

Why do you use exponents?

Exponents are used in many different contexts and for different, though related, reasons. Exponents are used in scientific notation to represent very large and very small numbers. The main purpose it to strip the number of unnecessary detail and to reduce the risk of errors. Exponents are used in algebra and calculus to deal with exponential or power functions. Many laws in physics, for example, involve powers (positive, negative or fractional) of basic measures. Calculations based on these laws are simper if exponents are used.

What does a used bakugan mean?

it mean you already used it in a battle

Why mean deviation USED?

Mean deviation is NEVER used.

How do you recharge a lithum battery?

Oooh, be careful! Lithium batteries should not be recharged. They can explode if you try! Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries can be recharged, but a special charging circuit that monitors current and voltage profiles as well as temperature is required. This usually means a definite-purpose charger built for your specific battery be used.