What does paidir mean?

Updated: 11/7/2022
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"paidir" means "prayer"

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Q: What does paidir mean?
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Translation for agus paidir?

"agus paidir" means "and a prayer"

Prayer to Jesus translated into Irish?

Paidir d'Íosa

How do you say 'I will say a prayer for you' in Irish Gaelic?

Déarfaidh mé paidir ar do shon! (to one person) Déarfaidh mé paidir ar bhur son! (for ye)

What is Gaelic translation for the firefighters prayer?

Paidir na bhfear dóiteáin

Irish word for prayer?

In scottish Gaelic it is ùrnaigh In Irish it's paidir

How do you say A Lover's Irish Prayer in Gaelic?

In Irish it's "Paidir na leannán as Gaeilge"

How do you say 'Happy Saint Patrick's Day' in Irish?

A Naoimh na hÉireann, guígí air.

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