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eyelashes, fringes, hairs, flanges

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Q: What does pestanas mean in spanish?
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What does las pestanas mean?

It means,eyelashes

How to say body parts in Spanish?

Face=Cara Eye=Ojo Mouth=Boca Eyebrow=Ceja Cheek=Mejilla Neck=Cuello Arm=Brazo Leg=Pierna Finger=Dedo Hand=Mano Foot=Pie (Not pie that you eat) Toe=Dedo del pie Eyelashes=Pestanas

What does domino mean in Spanish?

what does domino mean in spanish

What does the name Antonia mean in Spanish?

Antonia in spanish mean Flower or Flor in spanish

What does punay mean in Spanish to English?

In Spanish it does not mean anything.

What does GAGA in spanish mean?

It doesn't have any mean in spanish.

What does you mean the most in spanish?

What does u mean the most in spanish

What does think mean in Spanish mean in Spanish?

pensar = to think

What does beber mean in Spanish?

Beber mean to drink in Spanish

What does with mean in Spanish?

With in spanish is "con".

What does Morre mean in Spanish?

that is not spanish

What does Can you write in Spanish mean?

I will assume you mean "What is 'can you write in Spanish?' translated into Spanish". The phrase in Spanish is "¿Puedes escribir en español?".