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it means" poes not to do"

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Q: What does poes ni que hacer mean in Spanish?
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What does que vas a hacer mean in spanish?

"Que vas a hacer" in Spanish translates to "What are you going to do" in English.

What does to have to do mean in spanish?

tener que hacer (infinitivo)

What does que vas a hacer manana mean?

"Que vas a hacer mañana" means "What are you going to do tomorrow?" in Spanish.

Translate que vamos hacer contigo mean in English?

Spanish: Que vamos hacer contigo?English: What are we going to do with you?

What does Que encanta hacer con tu familia mean in spanish?

"Que encanta hacer con tu familia" means "What do you love to do with your family" in Spanish.

How do you say what to do in Spanish?

que hacer??

What does sin saber que haser mean in English?

sin saber que hacer is Spanish for without knowing what to do.

What does que tienes que hacer siempre en la clase de espanol mean?

what do you have to do in the spanish class

How do you say 'one must do something' in Spanish?

tener que hacer algo Yo tengo que hacer algo ( Have to do something ) tu tienes que hacer algo ( you have to ....) el tiene que hacer algo ( he has to .....) nosotros tenemos que hacer algo ( we have to ... ) Ellos tienen que hacer algo ( they have to ....)

What is Spanish for DO what you have to do?

Haga lo que tenga que hacer.

How do you say what can you do in spanish?

Que puedo hacer

What is que hacer in spanish?

"Qué hacer" in Spanish means "what to do." It is used when asking for suggestions or advice on what actions to take in a particular situation.