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Want to dance with me?

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Q: What does quieres bailiar con migo mean?
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How do you translate con migo quieres hablar con el in English?

The translation of "con migo quieres hablar con el" in English is "do you want to talk with me or with him?"

What does si te kieres casar con migo mean in English?

si te quieres casar conmigo = if you want to marry me

Do you want go out with me in spanish?

¿Quieres / quiere salir conmigo?*Never "con migo"( Yo) migo is "I crumb", from the verb migar (crumb)

What does Porque tu no estas hablando con migo mean?

Because your not talking to me

What does es con migo te quiero mean in English?

As written, it means "It is with me I love you"

Would you like to go on a date in Spanish?

The translation of the question is: Quieres salir conmigo? Although this is the translation there are many other ways to ask if someone wants to go out with you. One alternative way is: Me encantaria si saldrias conmigo.?

What does it mean if a dominican boy says tu estas cloro con migo?

it means, "Bleach you're with me."

What doe Suenas con migo mean in spanish?

The correct spelling is "Sueñas conmigo" and it translates to "You dream of me".

What does hola aser elamo con migo si o no dime mean?

It's full of mistakes, but it's trying to say: Hi. [You want to] make love with me? Yes or no. Tell me. Should be: Hola. Quieres hacer el amor conmigo? Sí o no. Díme.

What does si te quedas hacer el amor con migo mean in Spanish?

If you stay, make love with me.

What does tbis porke eres tan mala con migo mean?

it means "why are u so bad with me" or.... "why are u so rude with me"

No te vas a ir a la iglesia con migo?

Your not going to church with me?