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We leave/left

(Present or past tense remains unknown unless you read the rest of the context.)

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Q: What does salimos means in spanish?
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How do you im glad were dating in Spanish?

Me gusta que salimos

How do you say We are leaving for Oregon in Spanish?

"Salimos para Oregon" or "Nos vamos a Oregon"

When was Salimos de Aquí created?

Salimos de Aquí was created in 1996.

How do you say depart in spanish?

to depart = salir salgo = I depart sale = you depart/he departs salimos = we depart salen = they depart/you (more than one) depart

What does cuando se acave la escula salimos tremprono mean in English?

se cuando se acave la escula salimos tremprono

What actors and actresses appeared in Salimos a las 5 - 1993?

The cast of Salimos a las 5 - 1993 includes: Natalia Cano as Natalia Hugo Rapoport Vando Villamil as Panadero

How do you conjugate spanish word salir present tense?

In the present tense, the conjugation of the Spanish word "salir" (to leave) is as follows: Yo salgo (I leave) Tú sales (you leave) Él/ella/usted sale (he/she/you formal leave) Nosotros/as salimos (we leave) Vosotros/as salís (you all leave) Ellos/ellas/ustedes salen (they/you all leave)

How do you write 'going out' in Spanish?

From the verb "salir", meaning "to leave" or " to go out." The answer depends on who is going out. If you are in the actual act of going out, then it is "estoy saliendo". If it's in the sense that Jane and I are going out together, then "Juana y yo salimos juntos."

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it means not hungery in spanish. it means not hungery in spanish. it means not hungery in spanish. it means not hungery in spanish.

What does libros mean in Spanish?

Libro means book in Spanish.

What does osito means in Spanish?

oso means bear in spanish

What does donde mean in spanish?

It means ' where' .