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Itai means painful or sore.
It is often used in the same manner as 'Ow' is in English.

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'Aitai' means "I want to meet."

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Q: What does the Japanese word itai mean?
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What is the word 'painful' when translated from English to Japanese?

The Japanese word for pain is 苦痛 Kutsuu'Itami.'Pein means Pain in Japanese.

How do you say ouch in Japanese?

its usually the word "itai". wich means it hurts. -- itai is more like i feel painful but aita is said when feeling sharp pain in the moment of speaking. though. in japan they most often use the word itai.

How do you say ow in Japanese?


How to say Wow in Japanese?

いたい (itai)

Word for punishment in Japanese?

おしおき Or しおき oshioki or shioki Both mean punishment, the first is a little more formal. *(o w o)*

What does the Japanese kokoro itai mean in English?

"Kokoro" means heart and "itai" means hurt. So basically, kokoro itai means "My heart is hurt," although it would be used the way that we would normally say "You've hurt me", or other variations. While helpful to understand what specific words are being used, it does not make a natural sentence in either language to translate word for word when constructing sentences. 心がいたいよ kokoroga itaiyo would be more natural.

Ho do you say 'I want to be with you' in Japanese?

You may say 'anata no soba ni itai.'

When did Itai-itai disease happen?

Itai-itai disease, a condition caused by cadmium poisoning, occurred predominantly in Toyama Prefecture, Japan, between the late 1800s and mid-20th century due to heavy metal mining and industrial pollution in the area. Efforts to address the environmental pollution and improve healthcare have significantly reduced the prevalence of this disease.

Which metal causes etai etai disease in man?

Do you mean itai itai disease? The disease is caused by exposure to cadmium.

How do you spell ouch in Japanese?

You may say "itai," or as an exclamation "ita!" written in Japanese: 痛い and 痛 (or 痛っ) respectively.

What does the Japanese word Tyfuamadri mean?

This is not a Japanese word.

What is the birth name of Itai Diakov?

Itai Diakov's birth name is Itai Diakov.