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Draco comes from a Latin word meaning dragon.

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Q: What does the greek word Draco mean?
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Where did Draco the dragon name come from?

draco comes from the greek word dragon

Where did Draco the constellation get its name?

The constellation Draco got its name from the Latin word for dragon. It is said to represent the dragon Ladon from Greek mythology.

Where did the name dragon come from?

draco comes from the greek word dragon

Why is the constellation Draco called Draco?

The constellation Draco is named after the Latin word for dragon. This is because in ancient mythology, Draco was often depicted as a dragon, such as the dragon that guarded the golden apples in the Garden of the Hesperides in Greek mythology.

What does the greek word sperat mean in English?

There is no such word in Greek.

What does the Greek word machos mean?

It is the Greek word for "battle".

What does the word collo mean in Greek?

In Greek, the word "collo" does not have a specific meaning. It is not a Greek word.

Does the word crazy mean perfect in Hebrew or Greek?

No, the word "crazy" does not mean perfect in either Hebrew or Greek.

What does the greek word naughtiness mean?

"naughtiness" is not a Greek word, it is English.

What does the greek word ecos mean?

Ecos mean house in Greek

What animal is Draco the constellation?

Draco is a constellation that represents a dragon in Greek mythology. It is a long constellation that weaves between the Big and Little Dippers in the northern sky.

What is Draco?

Draco could refer to a constellation in the northern hemisphere or a law code written by the ancient Athenian legislator Draco.