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This Latin word duxit, a third-person singular perfect active indicative of duco, carries the meaning of he has led, he led, he has guided, he guided. It is a verb.

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He/she/it leads.

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To lead.

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Q: What does the latin word ducere mean?
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Latin help what does ducere mean?

Ducere means "to lead".

What latin word means lead?

The Latin word meaning "to lead" is ducere, which is the source of many English words, including introduce, conducive, reduce, induce, and duke.

What title means leader when translated into latin?

The English title "Duke" is derived from the Latin word dux, "leader" from ducere, "to lead".

What Latin word does aqueduct come from?

Latin is so awesome! I take it as a language!Aqueduct comes from the Latin word aqua. It means water. Also, "duct" comes from the latin "Ducere", or "to carry".

What are some words from the latin root word ducere?

The Latin verbal infinitive ducere means "to lead, conduct, draw, bring, derive, guide, marry, persuade, prolong, think, esteem, reckon, pass or spend".English words derived from various forms of that verb are:Dukeconductconductorinduceinductinductionproduceproductproductiondeducedeductionductreducereductionductileductilityducaldukedomduchyseduceseductionadduceadducentadductionadductivetransducetransduceradductor

Lead by the hand in Latin?

Ducere mano.

Latin help In English what does this mean Eam mecum in urbem ducere volo?

I want to lead her into the city with me.

What is the latin root word for leading?

The Latin root word for leading is "ducere." This root word is used in various English words related to leadership, such as "conductor" and "educate."

What is marry in Latin?

To marry--in matrimonium ducere; nubere.

What are some words from the latin-root-word ducere?

*dux *deduct *educate *induction *conduction *reduce *seduce *product

What is guide in Latin?

The verb 'to guide' = ducere The person = dux

Latin word for kidnapping?

Latin for the verb kidnap: abripio, abripere, abripui, abreptus It means to snatch (rapio) away (ab). The English word "abduct" comes from the Latin "ab" (away) and duco, ducere, duxi, ductum (to lead).