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Q: What does the name miro mean in spanish?
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Last name of spanish painter Joan?


Why should you remember Joan Miro today?

Joan Miro is a Spanish (Catalan) surrealist painter.

What is the full name of Kenneth Miro?

The full name is Kenneth Leopardas Miro.

What is the birth name of Miro Cerni?

Miro Cerni's birth name is Miroslau Cernigoi.

What is the birth name of Rebecca Miro?

Rebecca Miro's birth name is Rebecca Mirone.

What is the birth name of Jennifer Miro?

Jennifer Miro's birth name is Jennifer Anderson.

How do you say 'I watch' in spanish?

(Yo) miro/veo.

How do you say I watch television in spanish?

Miro la television.

What spanish painter is known for his use of bright colors?


What does si yo miro mean?

"si yo miro" means 'if I look or if I see'

What does a ver cuando la miro mean in English?

"let's see when I see you" usually is used in spanish to say "until we see each other again"

What was Joan Miro's political affiliation?

Spanish sculptor Joan Miro is known for many eye catching pieces of work. During his life, his political affiliation was unknown.