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Khamesh esreh (חמש עשרה)

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Q: What does the number 15 mean in Hebrew?
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How do you write number 15 in Hebrew?

15 is written the same in Hebrew as it is in English, and it's pronouncd Khamesh esreh (חמש עשרה)

What does Arba mean in Hebrew?

The number "four".

What does the Hebrew number 56 mean?

The number 56 in Hebrew has no special meaning in Hebrew. It's just the number that comes after 55. But if you are asking for the Hebrew word for 56, it's chamishim veshesh (חמישים ושש)

What does 555 mean in Hebrew?

In Hebrew, 555 is a number that comes right after 554. In fact, this is true for all languages. 555 has no other meaning in Hebrew.

What does the Hebrew word mizmor mean?

Mizpar does not appear to be a Hebrew word. Maybe the spelling is off.Mispar (מספר) is the Hebrew word for "number"

What does number 18 mean?

Hebrew has no numerals, like 1, 2 and 3. Instead, Hebrew uses letters which would mean numerals, based on the context. So there are many "words" that look just like certain numbers. For example, the letters that spell the Hebrew word "chaim" also mean the number "18". The Hebrew word "chaim" means "life", so many people interpret the number "18" as meaning "life".

What does the Hebrew word 'teysha' mean?

"Teysha" translated into English is the number "nine" - 9.

What does 35 decreased by a number is 15 mean?

35 - some number = 15 and usually you are required to find the number.

What does XV mean in ancient Latin or Hebrew numerical?

XV is the Roman numeral for 15. It is used in Latin.Note: Hebrew uses the Hebrew alphabet for traditional Jewish numbers, such as dates or chapters/verses, and western numbers (123) for everything else. 15 in traditional Jewish numbering would be ט״ו

What does Luis mean in Hebrew?

Luis doesn't mean anything in Hebrew. Only Hebrew names have meaning in Hebrew.

What does Wa mean in Hebrew?

What does WA mean in Hebrew and then what does WA mean in Tahitian

What does Jesus mean in Hebrew?

Yeshu (ישו) is a variation of the Hebrew word for deliverance.