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Tenía is the imperfect first and third person singular of the verb tener. It's I had/used to have, he had/used to have, she had/used to have, or you had /used to have(formal).

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Tenen isn't a word.

If you meant Tienen, that means "They have"

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Q: What does the spanish word tenia mean?
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What does 'Did she have a family' mean in Spanish?

¿Ella tenia familia?

How do you say 'had you' in Spanish?

tuve (I had); tuvo (he/she had); tuvieron (they had).the spanish word for had is tenia

How do you pronounce tenia que cocinar in spanish?

I/you/he/she had to cook

When he was your age in spanish?

translation: cuando el tenia tu edad

How do you say 'yes I had Spanish' in Spanish?

Sí, tenia la clase de español. (This means 'Yes, I had Spanish class', which I assume you meant.)

How do you say he had a temperature of 101 in spanish?

Tenia una temperatura de cientiun grados

How do you say I had a good week end in Spanish?

tenia un buen fin de semana

What does the Spanish word can mean in English?


Who to spell had in Spanish?

había (as part of e.g. had visited - habia visitado) tenia (with an accent on the 'i') = 'had' in the sense of 'possessed'.

What does the Spanish word gaka mean?

gaka is not a Spanish word

What does the Spanish word afuras mean?

afuras is not a spanish word.

What does the word zorro mean in Spanish?

It is the Spanish word for "fox".