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adamah (אדמה) = dirt, land, earth

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Q: What does the word Dirt Land or Earth mean in Hebrew?
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What does tierra tierra mean?

Tierras = lands, countries, or worlds depending on the context.

What word can mean the land or dirt is wet?

"Muddy" is a word that can mean the land or dirt is wet, typically with a mixture of soil and water.

Why do they call Earthquakes Earthquakes when the whole Earth dont shake?

Because the term 'earth' in earthquakes can also mean land, so if you think about it, it's a land quake. Earth = dirt, land, or the actual planet itself. Quake = To shake or tremble, as from instability or shock.

What Other words that mean the same thing as ground?

Some synonyms for "ground" include soil, earth, terrain, and land.

What does earth mean in Hebrew?

"Heaven and Earth" = "shah-MAH-yim vah-AH-rets"

What does the word ARATS mean in Hebrew?

arats has no meaning in Hebrew. But it looks similar to the Hebrew word erets (ארץ) which means land.

What does lance mean in Hebrew?

Lance is an Old English name that means "land". A Hebrew name with a similar meaning is Adam (אדם)

What does German word er'de mean?

The German word Erde translates as Earth, earth, soil or dirt.

How does electrical conductivity of Dry Earth compares with that of Mild Steel?

if by dry earth you mean dirt and soil then the answer is that mild steel is 100% more conductive then dry earth considering dirt doesnt conduct eletricity

What does madama mean in ancient Hebrew?

"madama" has no meaning in Ancient Hebrew", but it's close to adama (אדמה), which means earth or soil.

What does the prefix terra mean?

Terra is Latin for land or earth.

What does geo mean in greek?

"Earth" or "land"