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Q: What does victory is your god mean in Hebrew?
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What does gabriel mean in Hebrew?

Gabrielle means "God is my Hero" in Hebrew.

What does Micheal mean in Hebrew?

Who is like God

What does Jonathon mean?

In Hebrew meaning "God's Gift" or "Gift from God".

What does the Elizabeth mean?

God's promise, God is my oath. Of Hebrew origin.

What does grabriel mean?

In Hebrew: strong man of God, hero of God, God is my might.

What does Ell mean in Hebrew?

Depending on context, the Hebrew word אל (pronounced "el") means god, God, to toward, for.

What does EL mean in a Hebrew name?

El means God in a Hebrew name: Ariel = God is my lion Aviel = God is my father Daniel = God is my judge Uriel = God is my light

What does the name Dan mean in Hebrew?

"Daniel" means God is my judge. Or: God judges me.

What does the name Janiece mean?

God's Grace, from Hebrew

What does the name Lianna mean?

God has answered (hebrew)

What does the Hebrew word lashem mean?

lashem = "to god"

What is the Hebrew word for Trina god?

There is no Hebrew word for "Trina god". (I can't even tell what that phrase is supposed to mean in English.)