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Translation: And what flavor do you want your popsicle of?

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Q: What does y la paleta de que la quieres mean?
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How do you translate que mas quieres hacer to English?

¿Qué dice? can mean "What is he (or she, or it) saying?" or "What does he (or she, or it) say?" Or it can mean "What do you say?" or "What are you saying?" (you, formal)

What is the phrase 'so de que quieres hablar' when translated from Spanish to English?

it means so what do you want to talk about (de que = about what, quieres = you want, hablar = to talk) :-)

What does cuanto que quieres de mi?

how much do you wnt from me (or of me)

How do you say 'what you want to talk about' in Spanish?

De que quieres hablar.

What does Si quieres que haga un Twitcam para que conoscas a una de las adm mean?

If you want I can start a Twitcam so that you can meet/get to know one of the administrators.

How do you say what do you want to talk about?

¿De qué quiere / quieren / quieres / queréis que hablemos?

How do you say do you want to talk in Spanish?

¿De qué quiere / quieren / quieres / queréis que hablemos?

De donde es el?

Cuando dices dónde está? por que quieres decir?

Accidente de ruben piñon en yuba city california el dia 28 de agosto de2009?

que quieres a saber

What does de que mean in spanish?

de que: from what

How do you say is that all you want from me is my body in spanish?

¿Es todo lo que quieres de mi es mi cuerpo?

What does quieres aprender de musica mean?

You want to learn music