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it was the original name for Japan but now it is used more like the 'spirit of japan'

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Q: What does yamato mean in english?
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What does the name yamato mean?

It is a old name for Japan.

What voice actor plays Yamato?

Japanese: Rikiya Koyama. English: Troy Baker.

What does Yamoto mean?

Yamato was a Japanese Battleship (18" guns) and a city in Japan.

Where is yamato?

Yamato is a small part of and island in Japan.

How old is yamato?

By Yamato, I presume you mean Kira from Gundam seed / Destiny. In Gundam seed, he is 16 years old and in Gundam seed DESTINY, which is the second second, he is 18. Hope it helped.

When was Yamato Museum created?

Yamato Museum was created in 2005.

When was Yamato Inaba born?

Yamato Inaba was born in 1943.

What is the population of Yamato Transport?

The population of Yamato Transport is 169,836.

When was Kira Yamato created?

Kira Yamato was created in 2002.

When was Yamato Yamamoto born?

Yamato Yamamoto was born in 1983.

When was Wadaiko Yamato created?

Wadaiko Yamato was created in 1993.

When did Yamato Ichihashi die?

Yamato Ichihashi died in 1963.