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The only Hebrew name that comes close is Rafa'ela (רפאלה), which means "God has healed".

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possibly khaya (חיה) or khava (חווה) both of which are related to the name Eve.

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Q: What female Hebrew name means healer?
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What does the name Asa mean?

Asa is a Hebrew name that means 'Doctor' or 'Healer'

What does the name jace mean?

It means healer.

What Hebrew name of God means Healer?

There are a lot of names that fit these meanings. Here are a few: God redeems = Yehoshua (יהושוע) God Heals = rafael (רפאל) He restores = Oded (עודד) Redemption = Ge'ula (גאולה)

What does the name Jason mean?

Jason (Greek and Hebrew) is "healer; the Lord is salvation".Healer

What kind of name is Tamar?

Tamar is a female Hebrew name from the Hebrew Bible. Literally, it means "date" (the fruit).

What is the translation of Dominique in Hebrew?

Dominique is a French name that means "of the Lord". There isn't a female Hebrew name with this same meaning.

What does the name hedva mean?

Hedva, a female name, means "joy." Its origin is Hebrew.

What does the name 'Jemima' mean?

The name "Jemima" is of Hebrew origin and means "dove" or "pleasant." It is a traditional name with biblical roots.

What does the name elizer mean?

The name Elizer means "God is my help" or "God is my helper." It is of Hebrew origin and is often associated with characteristics of strength, guidance, and protection.

What is the meaning of the name Arin?

It's the female version of the Hebrew name Aaron and it means enlightened.

Is Liya a Muslim name?

Liya is a female Hebrew name that means "I am with God". Accordingly, the name could be a Muslim female name although not so popular.

What does the name Carmelita mean?

Carmella is a given name for a female and it is of Hebrew origin. The name Carmella means golden and it may also be spelled as Carmela.