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pag lolo mo paghuman sa skwela

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There are so many fun after school activities to do! It depends on whether you want to do group activities or solitary activities. You could play sports, make short films, bake, do Arts and Crafts, make music, do science experiments, wrote stories with friends. The possibilities are endless.

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gimme details and i will answer on the discussion page.

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Q: What fun after school activities should you do?
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Is the school SOCES good or not?

I go there... It is an excellent school. You should go there. The activities there are very fun! At nutrition/ Recces they play music SOMETIMES Very Good school! Hope I helped you!

Is sleepy hollow middle school ny a good school?

* yes sleepy hollow middle school is a fun school filled with activities>>......3 == ==

Your child hates writing what should you do?

Give him or her activities that make writing fun or give them fun topics to write about.

Why should you go to school?

Its good school than when you get older you can have free time and sometimes school is fun meet new friends and...... its FUN!

Why should go to school?

Its good school than when you get older you can have free time and sometimes school is fun meet new friends and...... its FUN!

Do the students in Ireland play at school?

Everday, they spend at least 30 minutes outside playing in the school yard, but also do loads of activities in school which are fun

What are some fun websites for activities?

some fun websites are probably girlsgogames and fun activities are coloring

Why school hours should not be changed?

An argument can be made that school hours should not be changed because of sports practice and other after school activities.

Aspects of physical activities that make sport fun?

If you want to know if sports are fun, maybe you should just try them and see if you think it is fun or not. If you have no fun, then don't do it. If you do, then go ahead.

What is the importance of co-curricular in School?

Co-curricular activities in school give you good references to put on your resume and also they are fun and good for the mind.

Should bullies be allowed in after school activities?

So long as they are involved in bullying activities, they should not be permitted to participate in any school sponsored or related activities where they have contact with other students. If they have demonstrated a significant, observable change in behavior, they should be permitted to participate with supervision.

Why do you want to be inleadership?

i want to be in leadership because i could help my school be a better place....and i can also think that it would be fun and exciting to plan school activities...