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"Give me a clue!" in English means Dammi un indizio! in Italian.

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Q: What is 'Give me a clue' when translated from English to Italian?
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What is '-sione' when translated from Italian to English?

"-sion" and "-tion" are the English equivalents of the Italian suffix -sione. The ending may be taken as a general clue as to the feminine singular gender and number of the noun in question. The pronunciation will be "SYO-ney" in Italian.

What is the Italian phrase 'Dammi un indizio' in English?

"Give me a clue" is an English equivalent of the Italian phrase "Dammi un indizio."Specifically, the imperative "da" means "(informal singular you) give." The personal pronoun "mi" means "to me." The masculine singular indefinite article "un, uno" means "a, one." The masculine noun "indizio" means "clue."The pronunciation is "DAHM-mee oo-neen-DEE-tsyoh."

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