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Estará bien is a Spanish equivalent of 'It will be alright'. The verb 'estará' means '[he/she/it/formal singular you] will be'. The adverb 'bien' means 'well, o.k., fine'. Together, they're pronounced 'eh-stah-RAH byehn'.

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Q: What is 'It will be alright' in Spanish?
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What does está bien mean in Spanish?

It's Spanish for "That's fine," or "That's alright."

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Alright, so 97% of the Mexican/Spanish people are Catholic. How to say Religion in Spanish is religión.

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The two languages spoken in Puerto Rico are English and Spanish. There is no such language as Puerto Rican. Alright as in "Everything is alright" has no direct translation to Spanish. The closest form used constantly would be "bien" (good/fine/okay) Todo esta bien (Everything is alright/fine/good/okay) Alright! as an exclamation of approval or delight as a self-standing statement also has no direct translation. The closest phrases would probably be "Muy bien" (very good), Que bueno, (How good!). In Puerto Rico there is a slang word "Huepa", "Wepa!" or "Epa!" which is a cheer of approval that could mean "Alright!" as a statement of approval.

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