What is 'Sarah' in Spanish?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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Sara is a Spanish equivalent of 'Sarah'. It's an ancient name that traces its origins back to the early Hebrews. In fact, it's Hebrew for 'princess'.

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Q: What is 'Sarah' in Spanish?
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What is the equvalent of Sarah in spanish?

The equivilent of Sarah is Sara.

How do you say to Sarah my dogs precious and tucker in Spanish?

To say Sarah my dogs are precious in Spanish you say Sarah mis perros preciosos and to say tracker in Spanish you say seguidor

What is 'Sarah' in different languages?

In Spanish, Sarah is usually said "Sarita"

What does the name Sarah mean in spanish?

The name Sarah in Spanish is translated as "Sara."

How do you say Sarah Morgan in Spanish?

Sarah Morgan, it is the same in any language!

How do you say Sarah in Spanish?

sa-rah i guess and roll your R

What is the equivalent of Sarah in Spanish?

Sarah or Sara is "Sara" in Spanish, to pronounce it, just elongate the first "a" (like Sahra". My name is Sara, and my husband is from Mexico, I've asked him about it before.

What is Saint Sarah the patron saint of?

Sarah is a person from the Old Testament and not accorded the title of saint. However, she is the patron of Gitans and Spanish gypsies.

How do you say sarah got a teddy bear in spanish?

Translation: Sarah recibió un oso de peluche.

How do you spell Sarah in different languages?

There are a variety of ways to spell Sarah in different languages. In Muslim, Greek, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, they spell Sarah as Sara. In Finnish, they spell Sarah as Salli, Sari, and Saara. In English, it can also be spelled as Sera, Sariah, and Sarra.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Spanish Bullion - 2006?

The cast of The Spanish Bullion - 2006 includes: Sarah Goodfellow as Cabin Girl

Name for Sarah in Spanish?

Sarah is pronounced almost the same in Spanish as in English so one can just get by saying it in English. Remember Spanish pronunciation rules. The S sounds the same in English as is Spanish The A always sounds the same no matter where it is in the word. The A always sound like the a in the English words hat, sat, back, sap, nap The R in Spanish as a little roll of the tongue to it which is very hard for English speakers to duplicate. You are almost forming a D sound with the tongue while making the English R sound. The H is always silent (except TH in imported words and CH which used to considered its own letter "che" but now a letter combination)