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Acini di pepe in Italian means "peppercorns" in English.

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Q: What is 'acini di pepe' when translated from Italian to English?
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Where did Acini de Pepe come from?

Italy. Acini di pepe means " peppercorns" in Italian

What is an Ethnic food that starts with a?

· acini di pepe (Italian pasta)

What is 'pepper' when translated from English to Italian?

pepe (e sounds like A as in hay)

Where to buy acini di pepe pasta?

You can buy Acini De Pepe on a website called

What is 'black pepper' when translated from English to Italian?

Pepe nero is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "black pepper." The pronunciation will be "PEY-pey NEY-ro" in Italian.

Main course that starts with a?

· acini di pepe (pasta) · angel hair pasta

Is Acini De Pepe Gluten Free?

No! Acini De Pepe is pasta made from Semolina or other wheat-type flour. I have yet to find a brand of gluten-free Acini De Pepe. It is one of my top 10 comfort foods. Since Celiac is diagnosed at birth in Italy and easily dealt with in restaurants and grocery stores, I'm sure it is available there but I haven't found it here or online yet.

What is the name of the small round pasta balls?

Acini de pepe, De Cecco brand makes it.

What is the Italian translation of the English word 'black pepper'?

Pepe nero is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "black pepper".Specifically, the masculine noun pepe means "pepper". The masculine adjective nero translates as "black". The pronunciation will be "PEY-pey NEY-roh" in Italian.

What food words begin with A?

Acini di pepe pasta and almonds are dry foods.

What is the English term of pepe?

The English term for "pepe" is "bell pepper."

Which is easier to learn after studying English as the only second language - Italian or Spanish?

Well, Italian words are more similar to English, but Spanish grammar is easier for an English speaker. Italian: tavolo is Table in English, but mesa in Spanish. Italian: cane is Canine in English, but perro in Spanish. Italian: ritornare is To return in English, but volver in Spanish. Italian: spendere is To spend in English, but gastar in Spanish. Italian: cercareis To search in English, but buscar in Spanish. Italian: arrivare is To arrive in English, but llegar in Spanish. Italian: forchetta(for-Ket-tah) is Fork in English, but grabador in Spanish. Italian: pepe is Pepper in English, but pimienta in Spanish. Italian: carota is Carot in English, but zanharia in Spanish. Italian: piselliare Peas in English, but guisantes in Spanish. Italian: banana is Banana in ENglish, but platano in Spanish. Plus there are many Italian words in English. Cooking/food, musical, and ghetto terms can be found in English from Italian.