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Och många många fler

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Q: What is 'and many many more' in Swedish?
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How many Swedish fish fit in a quart jar?

no more

How do you say the phrase 'and many more' in Swedish?

och många mer

How can you be more Swedish?

Learn swedish and eat ''knäckebröd''

How do you say scram in Swedish?

Scram can be translated into "Försvinn!" or "stick iväg!", or just plainly "stick!" or "dra härifrån!". There are many more ways of saying it in swedish.

How many blacks have Swedish blood in them?

depends if theyre swedish.

How many Canadian dollars in 600 Swedish crowns?

How many Canadian Dollarsin 600 Swedish crowns?

How many more people speak English than Swedish?

About 1.5 billion people speak English as either a first language or second language.About 9.2 million people speak Swedish as either a first language or second language.So about 1.49 billion more people speak English than Swedish.

How do you pronounce hi in Swedish?

More or less identically pronounced as "hey". "Hi" in Swedish is "Hej".

What is the Swedish translation for I need more trust points?

That is "Jag behöver mera förtroendepoäng" in Swedish.

How many pages does The Emigrants - Swedish novel - have?

The Emigrants - Swedish novel - has 444 pages.

How many English miles to a Swedish mile?

A swedish "mile" is 6,25 imperial miles.

What does osce mean in Swedish?

That sounds more like Danish or Norwegian than Swedish. It means thunder.