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Col cuore infranto or Col cuore spezzato may be Italian equivalents of 'broken hearted'. The words in Italian are pronounced 'kohl KWOH-reh een-FRAHN-toh' and 'kohl KWOH-reh spehts-TSAH-toh'.

In the word by word translation, the word 'col' combines the preposition 'con' with the masculine definite article 'il' to form 'col' ['with the']. The masculine gender noun 'cuore' means 'heart'. The past participles 'infranto' and 'spezzato' mean 'broken, shattered'.

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Rubacuori is an Italian equivalent of the English word "heartbreaker."

Specifically, the Italian word is a masculine noun. Its singular definite article is il ("the"). Its singular indefinite article is un, uno ("a, one").

The pronunciation is "ROO-bah-KWOH-ree."

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"Don't break my heart!" in English is Non rompere il mio cuore! in Italian.

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Cuore infranto

or cuore spezzato.

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Q: What is 'broken hearted' in Italian?
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