What is 'religare' in English?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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To fasten, tie behind is the English equivalent of the infinitive 'religare'. The verb also may be translated loosely as 'to connect with'. One Latin language derivative word is the noun 'religatio', which means 'a tying up'.

Another Latin language derivative is the noun 'religio', which the ancient Romans defined as a quality of mortals or of the gods. In terms of mortals, the feminine gender noun refers to 'conscientious exactness, scrupulousness' in respecting or observing religious ceremonials and moral scruples. In terms of the gods, it refers to 'sanctity' or more loosely to 'an object, place or thing of worship, of holiness'.

To fasten, tie behind is the English equivalent of 'religare'. The Latin infinitive is part of a regular verb conjugation whose endings therefore can be predicted accurately for all of the tenses and moods. It differs in meaning from the somewhat similar looking 'relegare', which means 'to send away' and from which the English language verb 'relegate' derives.

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Religare is religion in Latin.

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Q: What is 'religare' in English?
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