What is 'wheel' in Spanish?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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"Rueda" is a Spanish equivalent of "wheel."

The Spanish word "rueda" is a feminine noun. Its singular definite article is "la" ("the"). Its singular indefinite article is "una" ("a, one").

The pronunciation is "RWEH-thah."

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Wheel alignment = Alineación de rueda

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Q: What is 'wheel' in Spanish?
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Is wheel barrow spanish?

No, it isn't!

How do you say wheel barrow in Spanish?


Where did the surname Noriega originate?

The surname Noriega originates in Spanish tradition. It most likely comes from the root word "noria" which means wheel, or possibly water wheel.

What are some good English commercials to remake in spanish for a Spanish 1 class project?

i would have to say the cheez-it commercials were the scientist is talking to the wheel of cheese... that would be cool.

Did the Aztecs use the wheel?

Yes they did but they used it there children's toys instead of using it for water which the spanish thought was very uncivilized.

What is the Spanish 'rueda' in English?

"Wheel" is an English equivalent of "rueda."The Spanish word is a feminine noun. Its singular definite article is "la" ("the"). Its singular indefinite article is "una" ("a, one").The pronunciation is "RWEH-thah."

What does la careta mean?

La Careta = The Mask. (Taken from the Spanish word "cara" meaning Face) This is not to be confused with "carreta" which means cart, wagon or wheel barrow depending on where you are in the Spanish-speaking world.

What does Zucaritas mean?

From the root word "azucar" meaning sugar. Combined with "ita" meaning roughly little wheel or bit (like in " Margarita" which literally means "daisy wheel"or "daisy chain") Zucaritas is the Spanish language trade name for Sugar Frosted Flakes.

What is the English translation for the Spanish phrase rueda de prensa?

The english translation for the spanish phrase "rueda de prensa" is "news conference". Similar translations are "rueda de agua" which means "whaterwheel" or "rueda de alfareo" which means "potter's wheel".

What does verga mean in spanish?

This actually means the stick from where a boat's steering wheel is held on to. Dont think wrong. Many people think that this is a bad word but that is what is actually means.

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