What is Baphomet?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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Baphomet is a symbol of the opposites. Day and Night, Good and Evil. A Human with the head of a Goat and scales of a fish, breasts of a woman and an erection of a male.

There are other interpretations. But do not take information at face value, verify your sources as Baphomet is an occult ideal figure. Check out Baphomet on Wikipedia.

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A legendary pagan idol associated with the occult.

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Q: What is Baphomet?
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When was The Baphomet created?

The Baphomet was created in 1965.

When was Baphomet Engine created?

Baphomet Engine was created in 2004.

Do you have to worship baphomet just to get a record deal?

You can't worship Baphomet. So, no.

What actors and actresses appeared in Baphomet - 1972?

The cast of Baphomet - 1972 includes: Maud Molyneux Francine Roussel

Is baphomet part of wicca?

No. Wicca recognizes only two deities, the god and the goddess. Baphomet is another character entirely.

Is rihanna involve with baphomet?


Do the Freemasons uses the Baphomet?

The word "Baphomet" is meaningless to Freemasons. Perhaps it means something to you, and perhaps you know how to "use" one, but Masons don't.

Is ice t a member of the Baphomet?


Is the baphomet a ram?

Not exactly a Ram but a half human half goat!

Who did Katsura Hoshino base the Millennium Earl off of?

Katsura Hoshino's D. Grey Man series has a lot of spiritual meaning. I am pretty sure she either based him off of the devil or baphomet and maybe even both. I am leaning more towards baphomet because she drew it behind the millenium earl in chapter while he had his hat off and his horns showing. If you look up baphomet and what hes about you will under stand. As you may know the devil is evil, as well as the baphomet. Baphomet is a demon that is worshiped by witches, people in the illuminate, and satanist. He goes against everything a christian believes in and is just another path to hell.

What is the goat thing that hangs around the devil?

The goat "thing," is called Baphomet.

Does Keri Hilson worship Baphomet?

no she DOES NOT !! shes a christian if you follow her on twitter (@KeriHilson) you would see all her CHRISTIAN quotes & tweets ! ;)