What is Florida's State modo?

Updated: 11/24/2022
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Q: What is Florida's State modo?
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What is Floridas state nickname?

The Sunshine State.

What is floridas state abbeviation?


What is colorados state modo?

be a dog forever

What is Floridas state team?

Florida state university

Floridas state flag?

the state flag has its state seal and a x behind it.

What is Floridas State Bird and State Flower?

Mockingbird & The Orange Blossom.

What is floridas state mineral?


What is floridas state bug?

it is some type of horned beetle

What is Floridas statehood number?

Florida was the 27th US State.

What is Floridas state butterfly?

it is the zebra swallowtail!!

What is Florida's state drink?

floridas state drink is orange juice

What US state's modo is live free or die?

New Hampshire