What is Italian for pumpkin?

Updated: 11/5/2022
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Q: What is Italian for pumpkin?
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How do you say sweet pumpkin in Italian?

Cocozza dolce

What is pumpkin patch in Italian?

toppa di zucca

What is pumpkin in Italian?

Zucca is an Italian equivalent of 'pumpkin'. It's a feminine gender noun that takes as its definite article 'la' ['the'] and as its indefinite article 'una' ['a, one']. It's pronounced 'TSOOK-kah'.

What is the name of an Italian food whose spelling begins with the letter 'z'?

Zucca is an Italian food whose spelling begins with the letter "z".Specifically, the word is a feminine noun in its singular form. It means "pumpkin". The pronunciation will be "TSOOK-ka" in Italian.

What do you get if you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter?

Pumpkin Pi.

What is the English translation of the Italian 'piccola zucca'?

"Little pumpkin" is an English equivalent of the Italian phrase piccola zucca.Specifically, the feminine adjective piccola means "little, small." The feminine noun zucca means "pumpkin." Its singular definite article la means "the," and its singular indefinite article una means "a, one."The pronunciation is "PEEK-koh-lah TSOOK-kah."

Which is heavier-a watermelon or pumpkin?

watermelon is Havier than a pumpkin

Is pumpkin potato?

pumpkin is a pumpkin .... potato is a potato!!

What is pumpkin soup?

Pumpkin soup is a soup made from the inside of a pumpkin.

What begin with the same sound as pumpkin?

Two thing that begin with the same sounds as pumpkin

What is pumpkin flour?

Pumpkin flour is the result of slicing the pumpkin, then drying the pumpkin slices using either the dehydrator or the sun. After drying the pumpkin is then ground to make the flour.

Where does pumpkin come form?

Pumpkin comes from a pumpkin vine and grows on the ground