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I think it equals a B, i got told I was getting a B, and my friend an A, we both got C's so we were like Wtf?! He emailed our teacher, and he said roughly a B. An M is an A, and a D is a A* which is pretty screwed.

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Please answer immedialtey very important

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Q: What is a credit equivalent to at GCSE?
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Are Gcse equivalent to standard grades?

My sons will be studying for the Scottish Standard Grades (in the state system), but at age 16 I want them to go to Harrow School in England (private) and one of their entry requirements are for eight top grades at GCSE (or their equivalent). What would the equivalent be.???? Is it still 8 GCSE = 8 Standard Grades (but at the credit level)..??

Is edexl level 2 adult literacy equivalent to gcse?

Yes it's equivalent to A-C GCSE :)

What is Nigeria equivalent of gcse?

O Levels.

Is an 0'level equivalent to a gcse?

Yes they are the same; only GCSE'S are Modern.

What quailification is a nursing diploma equivalent to in the UK?


What is the Scottish equivalent of GCSE?

They're called Standard Grades, and are pretty much the exact equivalent

Do french students take GCSE's?

French students have the equivalent of the GCSEs.

Is NVQ 2 equivalent to an A gcse?

Yes congratulations on your A level equivelant

I am 16 and i amtaking my gcses i have already achieved a btec in science equivelent to 4 A'S at GCSE a btec in retail at grade A equvilent to 2 gcse's NVQ diploma GCSE can i get into uni?

As long as you have an equivalent of 5 GCSE's between C-A* this does not matter. It is your A level ( or higher equivalent grades) that matter. This depends on what you want to do, but as long as you have 3 good A levels you are likely to be excepted. However, you do require a good GCSE maths and English grade ( usually a C or B as a minimum.) If you wanted to specialise in something then you often need a B or above in that subject for both GCSE and A level.

Can you do o level after matrc?

No, cause Matriculation is already equivalent to GCSE, IGCSE and O'LEVEL.

What are the equivalents of exam qualifications between Scotland and England?

The equivalent to an English GCSE is a Scottish Standard Grade. An A-level is roughly equivalent to a Higher in Scotland.

What is ocr level 2 literacy equivilant to?

Level 2 in Literacy is equivalent to and A-C grade GCSE.