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Q: What is a fair price for a Sirius Stratus Satellite Radio?
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What radio stations can we get that XM doesnt have, (I'm in Canada) also what is the price per month/year?

Satellite radio starts at $9.99 per month. You can get many stations for that price.

Can you use your satellite radio antenna for your gps?

No, you can not use any satellite radio to connect to Sirius. The hardware for each (XM or Sirius) is designed specifically for one or the other. For Sirius, there is a code on the back of the radio that they need to activate the service. It is specific only to Sirius equipment.

How much does a Sirius radio subscription?

There are many different packages that Sirius offers, similar to cable or satellite companies offer different programming packages. The most popular packages are around fifteen dollars per month, but there are packages that include more channels or specialize in a variety of specific programming that have various costs. The option to add channels a la carte is also available, and the price is entirely dependent upon the consumer.

What was the highest share price for Sirius?

On Feb 18, 2000 - SIRIUS (SIRI) stock was $66.38 per share.

Did anyone come out with a satellite radio GPS combo?

Yes, companies like Garmin and SiriusXM have released satellite radio and GPS combo devices. These devices typically offer satellite radio capabilities along with GPS navigation features in a single unit for convenience.

What is the usual price for a cam sensor on a 2003 dodge stratus?

well i have a 96 stratus and mine was 34.99 at oreillys

What is the definition of a freesat box?

A freesat box is a new feature offered in the United Kingdom. Freesat is designed so that for one price you can have free satellite television and radio.

What is the price of a fuel pump for a 2003 dodge stratus?

about 140.00

Which is better satellite tv service, DirectTV or Dish?

By comparing the offerings for each price that fits your budget, you can find the right satellite provider for you and your needs. For around $40 per month, Dish Network offers a satellite package of 100 top channels with the local channels. For the same amount, Direct TV offers a package of 140 top channels and includes 50 XM Satellite radio channels as well. This price for the Direct TV includes local channels as well.

Price for a 2003 dodge stratus transmission pan?

like 500 because of how old it is

Where can one find information on where to purchase a wifi radio?

To buy a wireless wifi camera you can try Walmart, Target or online. Amazon and Ebay both have them but all places differ in price according to brand and style.

Price of battery for 2002 dodge stratus?

it all depends on what kind of battery you want but their not expensive