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Q: What is a name of a Elementary school in Hollywood?
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What elementary school did Victoria Justice go to?

Victoria Justice was an 8-year-old student at Hollywood Central Elementary when she "freaked out" watching a commercial on TV. "I said to my mother, 'I can do that.' "

What is the school's name in victorious?

Hollywood Arts

What school did Michael Jackson go to?

Michael Jackson attended elementary school at Garden Street Elementary in Hollywood. He went on to attend high school at Montclair Preparatory in Van Nuys, California.

What is the name of Charlie Brown's elementary school in the peanuts comics?

Ace Elementary School

What is Gordon elementary school distidric?

Gordon Elementary School's District is Memphis City Schools. I would like to know how did Gordon Elementary School get the name of E W Gordon Elementary School?

What is the school's name in frindle?

Lincoln Elementary School

What is the correct capitalization Ellisville Elementary School or Ellisville Elementary school?

If that's the official name of a particular school, all the words should be capitalized.However, if the official name is "Ellisville Elementary" and you're merely adding the word "school" to clarify that it's a, well, school, then the second is technically correct. This would be kind of unusual, though.If the official name is something like Martin Luther King Elementary School, but it happens to be the only elementary school in Ellisville, then it could be referred to as "the Ellisville elementary school" (or if it's NOT the only one, "an Ellisville elementary school").

Who or what elementary school band played the Hollywood bowl at his retirement party?

vintage street elementry school in granada hills ca.

Is elementary school capitalized?

It depends. In the sentences, "I attended Walfred Elementary" or "I attended Walfred Elementary School," then it would be capitalized. In the sentence "I attended elementary school," then it would not.

What was the name of Maltilda school?

Chrunchem Hall Elementary School

Did Shirley Chisholm go to elementary school?

Whats the name of the elementary school shirley temple went to in Indiana

What is the name of Ish's elementary school in Rush Zone Guardians of the Core?

Payton Elementary