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That was very good work last month, you have achieved every sales target you were set and increased the number of customers who prefer us to any other company by 25%

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on study island it would be all of these

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Q: What is an example of qualitative?
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Example of qualitative?

What is an example of a qualitative research?

What is the qualitative and quantitative observations of a pencil?

what is a qualitative example of a pencil

What are the Example of qualitative research?


Is bubbly an example of a qualitative or a quantitative observation?

Qualitative observations are those that cannot be measured mathematically or assigned a value. For example, "the sky is blue," is a qualitative observation, it has no mathematical value associated with it. Quantitative observations are those that have a mathematical value. For example, "this desk is 1 meter long" is a quantitative observation. Therefore, noting that something is bubbling is an example of a qualitative observation.

What is a qualitative random variable?

A random variable which can take qualitative values rather than numeric values. For example, the question "What colour are your eyes?" will generate qualitative answers.

What is an example of a qualitative immunoassay?

an immunoassay test for pregnancy

What are the differences between quantitative and qualitative techinque?

Quantitative means that it is concerned with how much. Qualitative means that it is only concerned with the kind. And example of quantitative would be the number of trees in a park, and an example of qualitative would be whether you have blue eyes or brown eyes.

An example of qualitative data?

Qualitative analysis is when you try to find out which substances are present in the thing you are analysing. So I think qualitative data of something like water would be Hydrogen and Oxygen.

What is one example of qualitative observation?

it once was a planet in earth

What is an example of qualitative property of matter?

any thing that can be measerd

Can you do graphs or tables in Qualitative research?

Yes. Histograms, for example.

What is an example of qualitative data?

Examples of qualitative data might be that thunder follows more quickly after lightening as the storm gets closer. It is an information that is descriptive but lacks hard numbers.