What is better BS or BSc?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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They are the same degree type, with just a different abbreviation. The Bachelor in science degree (BS or BSc) is a general degree type from which many specific programs of study (majors) fall. For example, a bachelor in science in engineering, Biology, physics, nursing, etc.

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It's not that one is better than the other. Each have a variety of purposes and scope. However, the BS is a higher level degree. Which one is better for you depends on your approach to a given field and the requirements of that field. In addition, the AS can lead to the BS in a less expensive way with an easier transition to higher education.

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Q: What is better BS or BSc?
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What does the BS in BS degree stand for?

Bachelor of Science. The full abbreviation is BSc

What kind of degrees does LUMS offer?

The Lahore University of Management Sciences offers the following degree programs: biology (BS, MS, PhD), chemistry (BS, MS, PhD), computer science (BS, MS, PhD), electrical engineering (BS, MS, PhD), mathematics (BS, MS, PhD), physics (BS, MS, PhD), economics (BSc, MSc), economics and politics (BSc), political science (BSc), anthropology and sociology (BSc), accounting and finance (BSc), management science (BSc, PhD), humanities (BA), history (BA), BA-LL.B, MBA, Executive MBA.

What is BSc degree?

The BSc is just another abbreviation for a bachelor of science degree. Other abbreviations for the same degree are, BS, ScB, SB depending on the institution. Most US schools indicated it as a BS.

Which is better degree BSc or BAsc?


Which one is better to take Bsc Economics OR BBA Hons?

BSc economics is better than BBA due to Governmental prestige considered in Bsc economics but not in BBA.

Which is better bsc-comp science or bsc-it?

becose scope of olindutrise and companis

BSc is better or electronics engineering?


Which is better-bs from iisc or bs in physics from iit kanpur if you like physics?

bs from iisc

What do you do t become a organic chemist?

Do BSc(H) /BS Chemistry.Then do MSc/MS Organic Chemistry.You can also do PHd Organic Chemistry.

How do you abbreviate Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering after my name in the business card?

BS Engg(ME) - Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering or BSc Engg(ME)

Is a BS or a BA better for a Zoology major?

Typically at the bachelors level it is a bachelors of science (BS).

Is architecture engineering better than MB BS in Pakistan?

no UPS is better