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Q: What is competitive condition exists?
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Do perfectly competitive firms advertise?

Perfectly competitive firms would not advertise as advertising would serve no purpose. A market that is perfectly competitive exists only in theory.

What is a variable that signals when a condition exists?

A Boolean variable can be used to signal when a condition exists. It can have a value of true or false based on whether the condition is met or not.

What type of competitive structure exists when a firm produces a product that has no close substitutes?


Is it unacceptable to code an impending condition as if it exists?


The condition that exists wants exceed the available resources?


What is competitive relationship?

A competition relationship is the struggle between animals as they try to use the same limited resource.

What Is a Boolean variable that signals when some condition exists in the program.?


What condition must exists in order for energy to flow from the atmosphere to Earth?


The condition in an economy that makes a rationing device a necessity is the fact that?

carcity exists

What condition exists when a persons blood pressure is well below normal?


What is a perfectly competitive firm?

*** Market condition wherein no buyer or seller has the power to alter the market price of a good or service. Characteristics of a perfectly competitive market are a large number of buyers and sellers, a homogeneous (similar) good or service, an equal awareness of prices and volume, an absence of discrimination in buying and selling, total mobility of productive resources, and complete freedom of entry. Perfect competition exists only as a theoretical ideal.

Condition that exists when the heterozygous phenotype is somewhere in between the two homozygous phenotypes?

Incomplete dominance