What is granny in German?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Q: What is granny in German?
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What does the German word oma mean?

The German word "oma" translates to "grandma" or "granny" in English, referring to one's grandmother.

How do you spell grandma in German?

official (like grandmother): Großmutter more colloquial (what a grandchild would call her granny): Oma

What was granny's last name?

granny is always been granny?

How do you you say grandmother in German?

Grandmother = Großmutter grandma = Großmama nana = Oma/Omama

What does liebling mean?

in sisters grimm granny Relda always says it means sweetheart in German but maybe Michael Buckleys lying.

What is 'Oma' when translated from German to French?

Mémé is a French equivalent of the German word Oma. The two feminine singular words translate as "gran," "grandma" or "granny" in English. The respective pronunciations will be "mey-mey" in French and "O-ma" in German.

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