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"Protagonista" means "protagonist" (or "main character") in spanish.

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Q: What is main character in spanish?
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Who is the main character in the book incantation?

The main character in the book "Incantation" is Estrella deMadrigal, a young girl living in Spain during the Spanish Inquisition. The story follows her as she discovers shocking truths about her family and grapples with questions of identity and faith.

Why did the main character on disturbia get an ankle bracelet?

The main character, Kale, gets an ankle bracelet for assaulting his Spanish teacher. This leads to him being put on house arrest and sets off the events of the movie "Disturbia."

What is a minor character who helps a main character?

A minor character who helps a main character is almost like the companion of the main character or had something to do with helping the main character in a period of time....That is what a minor character who helps the main character is

What TV series features a main character named Diego?

Diego is the main character in Go, Diego, Go! This is a popular kids cartoon that airs on Nick, Jr. The television cartoon teaches young children Spanish.

Who is smarter Miguel or Tulio?

Although DreamWorks considers Tulio the main character themselves, some people believe Miguel is the main character, because of how much smarter and more Spanish he is than you-know-who. (He is the leader of the two.)

How do you say hope you in Spanish?

You would say esperanza usted.

What was Edward dying of before he was turned?

Edward Cullen is the main vampire character from the Twilight Saga. He had been dying of Spanish influenza when he was found and turned into a vampire.

Is there a main character in ssbb?

Yes!there is a main character,The main character is Mario and he is nintendos mascot

Don Quijote was a famous Spanish author?

"Don Quijote" (or Quixote) is the title character of a novel by Miguel Cervantes.

Is a minor character lesser that restricts the main character?

No, a minor character does not "restrict" the main character. However, a minor character is of lesser importance than that of the main character.

What is a minor character whose role is to highlight the main character?

The main character is bothersome, the minor character makes the main character not so highlighted.

Main character of 'The Cask of Amontillado'?

Montresor, the narrator, is the main character. and fortunato is the other main character