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This depends on the performance of the forementioned teaching aid. If they were poor, then they will be severely beaten with a block of blue chedder. If the teaching aid was good, then they may only be beaten with a babybell. Of course, the quality of the aids work is judged at the discrepency of the teacher him/herself and thus this often comes down to there mood.

It is truly an unjust and dangerous profession.


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The next reading and homework assignment?

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Q: What is needed for subject teacher after a lesson?
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Why is it important that students make the teacher's lesson objectives their own?

to make their own dreams

Is math exciting?

Maths is an exiting lesson/subject depending on the teacher and what part of maths you are learning about.

What will be the correct passive sentence for the teacher taught the lesson?

The lesson was taught by the teacher

What are the disadvantages of talking in class?

you get in trouble with the teacher, you miss the lesson, and you will probably fail the next test you have on the subject you were talking in

Why there is a need for the teacher to have a lesson plan?

In the absence of the regular teacher a substitute can peruse the lesson plan and see where the class has progressed .

How the teacher began her lesson?

she talks about

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Because he wanted his lesson to be very clear!

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Native teachers would have better understanding in how to engage the students. Foreign teachers, depending what the lesson is, might know the subject better. For instance a french teacher teaching french language.

Is the subject Museology granted in school service commission?

what qualification needed for computer teacher examination?

What is micro-teaching?

Micro teaching is when a lesson is video taped. After the lesson is over the tape is watched by the teacher so that he or she can critique the lesson.

Teacher Lesson Plans: A Blueprint For Learning?

Teacher lesson plans serve as a blueprint for learning, providing a structured and organized outline of what will be taught and how. They help ensure that all necessary content is covered, objectives are met, and resources are utilized effectively. Lesson plans also provide a framework for assessment and help teachers track student progress and adjust instruction as needed.

Why always bored when biology lesson?

Perhaps you just aren't interested in the subject. What do you really like? Is the teacher making it interesting? Is it too easy? It it too hard? Sometimes you have to take subjects that are not interesting but are needed to finish school. Einstein didn't like anything but math and physics. He did OK.