What is sociable in Spanish?

Updated: 11/11/2022
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its spelled the same way but u say it differnet

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Q: What is sociable in Spanish?
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What is the opposite to sociable in Spanish?

The opposite of sociable in Spanish is introvertido.

What does Sociable mean in spanish?

"Sociable" in Spanish is "sociable" or "afable." It refers to a person who is friendly, outgoing, and enjoys interacting with others.

How do you say socialable in Spanish?


How do you say sociable in spanish?


Is sociable a word in spanish?

yes, it means exactly the same thing it means in english, namely, friendlysources: yesterday's spanish class

What do Mexicans like?

They speak spanish(espanol) They sociable and friendly (opional) They love Mexican food.

How do you convince your parents you are being sociable?

Be sociable and not fake sociable.

What is the prefix of sociable?


What is noun for sociable?

The noun form of the adjective 'sociable' is sociability.

How do you say sociable in feminine French?

Sociable is used in both masculine and feminine in French.

How do you say 'nice' and 'sociable' in spanish?

agradable and amistoso, respectively. In Spanish, there is more than one word to describe both of these depens on the context which word is most appropriate.

What is the french word for sociable?

The same, i.e. "sociable".