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Q: What is supine leaning rest position?
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What is the front leaning rest position?

The front leaning rest position is a disciplinary position in the military. Basically, you stay at the apex of a push-up until you are told that you can get back up.

What is a person lying in the anatomical position said to be?

He is in a supine position. The oppose is the prone position.

Where can someone find information about Supine position?

One can find information about Supine position when one does their research on Wikipedia. Supine position is a body position, lying with the face up.

What is supine position means?

"supine" means lying down.

What animal is supine?

Supine isn't an animal, it's a medical/anatomical term for face up. If you lay on your back, then you're in a supine position. Face down is prone position.

What is the difference between prone and supine position?

In the prone position, a person lies on their stomach facing downward, while in the supine position, the person lies on their back facing upward. These positions are commonly used in medical settings to aid in specific procedures or assessments.

What is the surgical position in mastectomy?


Which position is used for examination of the anterior surface of the body?

The supine position is used for examination of the anterior surface of the body. In this position, the individual lies flat on their back with their face upward and palms facing upward. This position allows for easy access to the front of the body for examination.

The position of the supine is opposite of what position?

The position of supine is opposite to prone position. I was in first year of my medical school. My friend told me that " Priest pronates. He demonstrated by pronating his hand. That is the easy way to remember it. You lie on the stomach in prone position.

What is the supine flexion position?

supine flexion is lying in supine (on your back) while "flexing" (bending) your knees into your stomach and keeping your head off the floor

What is and anatomical position for face down?

The anatomical position for face down is called the prone position. In the prone position, the body is lying face down with the back facing up. This position is commonly used in medical examinations and procedures.

What is the most natural surgical position?