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It is literally called: Dotted Text or Menukad (מנוקד) in Hebrew

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Q: What is text written with vowels called in Hebrew?
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How do you pronounce a Hebrew V in English?

There is currently no online translator in existence that will translate English to Hebrew with vowels. You would have to contact a human translator.You can translate single words using Morfix (listed under related links), but there is no online translator that will do full text with vowels.

Was the Hebrew Bible first written in English?

No. The English translations of the Old Testament were taken from the Hebrew. The English language did not yet exist as we know it when the Hebrew text was written.

How is a Hebrew text made from which translation is then made?

If you are referring to the Hebrew Bible, the text is not made from translations. Hebrew is the original language of the Bible. Translations of the Hebrew Bible are made by many people in many different ways.

What has the author W H Vibbert written?

W. H. Vibbert has written: 'A guide to reading the Hebrew text' -- subject(s): Hebrew language, Readers

Show me the original verson of the Old Testament in Hebrew?

The original text is not called the "Old Testament". It is called "the Hebrew bible. See related links for the complete Hebrew Bible online.

What has the author Norman Sievwright written?

Norman Sievwright has written: 'Principles, political and religious' 'The Hebrew text considered'

What is the Hebrew name for the thing they use to change the page of the Torah?

It's called a yad - in Hebrew text, יד, meaning "hand."

What does the word text mean in Hebrew?

"text" is the same word in both Hebrew and English.

What has the author Nathan Goldberg written?


What are the three languages of the Protestant Bible 66 books originally written?

The Protestant Bible came from the Hebrew Masoretic text of the Old Testament and the Greek majority text of the New Testament. At the time of the reformation the translators were attempting to have the Bible in the common language of the people which was English.

To count the number of vowels in a text-flowchart?

flow chart

What is a name of a holy text of the Hebrews?

It's called the Hebrew Bible or Tanach (תנ״ך)