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Pastor, priest, clergyman.

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Q: What is the English meaning of the German word 'Geistliche'?
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What is the meaning of Australien in English?

Australien is a German word. If the German word "Australien" were to be translated to English, the meaning would be "Australia". Australia is a a continent where Australians live.

What is the meaning of the German word wieser?

"Weiser" in German means "wise" in English.

What is meaning of the German word class in English?

Klasse is the translation in German. It is translated from English to German. German is mostly spoken in the European countries.

What does einfamilienhaus mean in English?

einfamilienhaus is a german word meaning, House in english

What does Fuchs mean in English?

It is a German word meaning Fox

English meaning of German word heit?

In English, "heit" in German typically translates to "hood" or "hat."

What does Hundertwaaer mean in German?

'Hundertwasser' is already a German word. Its meaning in English is 'hundredwater'.

In which language does the word nine mean no?

German. It is spelled "nein" in German meaning "no" in English.

What is the meaning of the German word und?

The German word "und" means "and" in English. It is a conjunction used to connect words or phrases together in a sentence.

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'fang' can be a German word. It's the imperative of 'fangen', meaning 'catch'. The English word 'fang' would be 'Reißzahn' in German.

What is an accurate English translation of the German word gestalt?

Actual German meaning of gestalt: "shape".

What is the German word meaning senior?

"Aelter", equivalent to "Elder" in English