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Leprechaun is the Gaelic term, it means 'one shoe maker'.

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Q: What is the Gaelic word for 'leprechaun'?
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What is is Gaelic for leprechaun?

Leprechaun is the Gaelic term, it means 'one shoe maker'.

What names means leprechaun?

Leprechaun is Gaelic for Shoemaker

What is the name of Leprechaun land?

You are probably thinnking about Ireland, where leprachauns are said to live. The real Gaelic word EIRE for Ireland.

What are other names for a leprechaun?

There are no other names for Leprechaun- they are a single species. However the name of the Elder of the Last remaining 236 Leprechauns in Ireland is called "Carraig"It's a Gaelic word meaning rock

How do you say leprechaun in Spanish?

Leprechaun is a Gaelic , Irish concept and myth. there is no Spanish equivalent, you might have diminutive of men- (Hombritos -and the adjective for Irish) but as stated, this is an Irish, not an Hispanic concept!

How do you say leprechaun in Gaelic?

Leipreachán means a leprechaun figurine.Lucharachán is the actual translation.Variants are lucharbán, luchargán, lucharpán, luchramán.

Where does the name leprechaun come from?

Irish Gaelic. Leprechaun means 'one shoe maker' because if you do happen to come upon a leprechaun unawares he will be deeply absorbed in the activity of working on one shoe, never a pair.

How do you spell lepercan?

The word is spelled leprechaun. An example sentence using this word would be, "The leprechaun guarded the pot of gold."

What did a leprechaun enjoy spending their time doing?

They collect gold coins and make shoes. The word Leprechaun is actually Gaelic for shoemaker, which makes sense as the occupation of a Leprechaun is a shoemaker to the fairies.

How many syllable does leprechaun have?

The word "leprechaun" has three syllables: lep-re-chawn.

What is Gaelic word for look?

Scottish Gaelic is a 'coimhead.Irish Gaelic is cuma.

What does leprechaun mean?

"Leprechaun" is popularly credited as being from the Gaelic word "leipreachán", meaning "a pigmy, a sprite, or luchorpán, which means a kind of aqueous sprite". The word is also defined as meaning "half-bodied" or "small-bodied". See the Collins English Dictionary. The Oxford Dictionary quotes leath bhrógan as the original word, which means shoe-maker, and this makes sense since the leprechaun is known as the fairy shoemaker of Ireland and is often portrayed working on a single shoe, much like the fairytale of the Poor Shoemaker.