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Dìleas; seasmhach; bunaiteach; ruanach (Scottish Gaelic)

dílis; buan; daingean (Irish Gaelic)

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Q: What is the Gaelic word for steadfast?
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Sentence with the word steadfast in it?

The columns stood steadfast and resolute.

What is the same word as of steadfast?


Make a sentence using the word steadfast?

I mean his steadfast courage, his calm continual self-control.

How do you use the word steadfast in a sentence?

The soldiers were able to gain victory after a hard fought battle because they were steadfast in their resolve.My grandma will always be steadfast in her ways.

What is Gaelic word for look?

Scottish Gaelic is a 'coimhead.Irish Gaelic is cuma.

What is the Gaelic word for Chalmers?

No Gaelic word for Chalmers.

Define the Gaelic word geen?

It is not a Gaelic word.

What does 'bassett' mean in Gaelic?

The word 'bassett' is not a Gaelic word, and therefore has no meaning in Gaelic.

What is the Gaelic word for best man?

In IRISH Gaelic the word is "vaidhtéaraí";in SCOTTISH Gaelic: ?

What is another word for very still?


What is the Gaelic for 'jewelry?

The Irish Gaelic word for 'jewelry' is seoda.The Scottish Gaelic word is seudraidh.

What is the Gaelic for first?

The Irish (Gaelic) word for 'first' is is céad.The Scottish Gaelic word is ciad.