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simkhat hashem ozekha (שמחת השם עוזך)

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Q: What is the Hebrew word in strongs concordance for the joy of the lord is your strength?
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How do you say wait on the lord and he shall renew you strength in Hebrew?

The literal phrasing of "The LORD is my strength" sounds off in Hebrew, but is HaShem Koakhi (ה' כוחי). If you want to convey the sentiment of "The LORD gives me strength" this sounds much better in Hebrew and is HaShem Noten Li Koakh (ה' נותן לי כוח).

How do you write wait upon the lord and he shall renaw your strength in Hebrew?

חכה לאדון והוא יחדש את כוחך

Who is Oziah?

In the Book of Judith which is in the Deuterocanon/Apocrypha. Oziah is the governor of the town called Bethulia, which in Hebrew translates to "a virgin." His name means, Strength of the Lord.

How do you say who is like the lord in Hebrew?

Who is like the lord = Mi kmo Adonai (מי כמו ה׳)

How do you say lord in Hebrew?


What is the spiritual Christian meaning of the name Johanna?

According to Crudens Concordance, Johanna means "the grace, the gift, or the mercy of the Lord."

What is the Hebrew name that means Lead by the LORD?

There isn't a Hebrew name with this meaning.

House of the Lord in Hebrew?

The House of The Lord is a HOLY place where The Almighty dwells. If you are asking how to say this in Hebrew, it is: בית השם = beit hashem

What is the original langue for the lord's prayer?


What makes Jesus' name powerful?

Y'shua in Hebrew is a contraction of two Hebrew words, YAH (the LORD) and yeshuah (salvation) means the Lord's salvation, which is who He is

What two parts of the Hebrew alphabet are referred by the lord?

The Hebrew alphabet is not divided into parts.

What is The lord provides in Hebrew?

It depends on who you're talking to: to a male: God is your help and strength = hashem hu ha-ezra vehaoz shelcha (ה׳ הוא העזרה והעוז שלך) to a female: God is your help and strength = hashem hu ha-ezra vehaoz shelach (ה׳ הוא העזרה והעוז שלך) to a group: God is your help and strength = hashem hu ha-ezra vehaoz shelachem (ה׳ הוא העזרה והעוז שלכם)