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Mag Uidhir is the original Irish spelling.

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In the Irish language, Mag Uidhir.

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Q: What is the Irish for the surname 'Maguire'?
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Is the name Mac Uthidir in any way related to the modern name Maguire which is Mac Uidir in Gaelic?

My guess is that it is not.The surname Maguire/McGuire is Mag Uidhir in Irish (Gaelic). It is the genitive form of Odhar(dun-coloured).

What does the surname McGuire mean?

Mcguire or Maguire is the anglicized form of Irish Mag Uidhir meaning "son of Odhar", a given name meaning "pale-coloured".

Could the surname bass be Irish?

No, it is not of Irish origin. It is mostly an English surname, but occassionally a Scottish surname as well.

What is the Irish for the surname Burke?

The Irish version of the surname Burke is "de BΓΊrca."

Is the Wisdom surname Irish?

As far as I can tell it is not a strictly Irish surname. But it does come from the the British Isle.

Is Shapiro an Irish surname?

It's a Jewish surname.

What has the author William Augustus Maguire written?

William Augustus Maguire wrote various works on Irish history and literature, including "The Irish in America" and "The Story of Ireland". He was also a journalist and editor, known for his contributions to Irish nationalist publications in the 19th century.

What is the surname Bindon translated in Irish?

No Irish form of the surname Bindon. It is an English name common in Somerset.

Is Makenna a Irish name?

MacKenna is an Irish surname.

Is Richardson an Irish surname?

Yes it has an Irish source.

What is the origin of the surname Rhook?

The surname Rhook is an Australian surname, but could be of Irish origin. It is a variant spelling of surname Rook, an English surname.This surname Rook is also established in Ireland, perhaps the same derivative as the English origin, or perhaps a variant of Irish surname Rock.There are many Irish surnames that has a "Rh" in their surname. For example, the common Irish surnames Rhyan, a variant spelling of Ryan, and Irish surname Rhatigan, a variant spelling of Ratigan. This could apply to the surname Rhook, a variant spelling of Rook, meaning the name could be of Irish origin.For more information about the surname Rook, see related links below.

Where does the surname Herley originate?

The surname Hurley is of English and Irish origin. Hurley derived from the Irish name, O'Huirthile and is a very common surname in Ireland.