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fuhen seikyo

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Q: What is the Japanese translation for eternal death?
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What is the Japanese translation for 'death'?

死 is death in Kanji.

What is the Japanese translation for the word 'DIE'?

Shii (death) which is also one of the words for 'Four'.

What is the Latin translation for family is eternal?

A Latin translation for "family is eternal" is familia aeternum. "Family is eternal" is an ancient Latin sentiment that was a common phrase in Roman times.

When was Eternal Death created?

Eternal Death was created in 1997-02.

What is the French Translation for 'Eternal Love'?


How do say 'eternal' in Japanese?


What is the phonetic translation in Japanese of paint?

Peinto is the phonetic translation of paint in Japanese.

Translation for tu from Japanese to English?

"tu" is not a valid Japanese syllable and therefore, could have no translation as it has no meaning in Japanese.

What is the Japanese translation for hotel?

The translation is Hoteru

Is there really eternal life or eternal death after this life?


Move on Japanese translation?

what sort of a question is this? am i supposed to guess its meaning? if the question is What is the Japanese translation of "move on"? then its "Idō" if its What is the translation of "move on Japanese"? then its "Nippon de no ugoki"

What is the eternal Footman?